From stuck to soaring: finally, the 5-Step System for thriving harp practice & heart-centered performing

Some harpists shine, playing with flow and beauty.

Other harpists progress slowly over the years, if at all.

It is NOT talent that separates us...

Many harpists are stuck on persistent problems, with no solution in sight.

Do any of these ring a bell to you?

  • Practice feels overwhelming. 
    You have no idea how to organize your practice, or even where to start. Practice doesn’t pay off – it’s exhausting, uninspiring, slow. You suspect there’s a better way, but can’t figure out how. Productive, joyful practice would be a dream come true, making a world of difference in your life
  • The very sight of your harp makes you feel guilty.
    You invested a lot in your harp (maybe harps!) You loved it so much once. It took a lot of effort to find your beloved harp and get started. Now the dream feels like failure. You’d love the satisfaction of regular playing, but just can’t bring yourself to do it. Days, weeks, even months slip by. Replacing that crushing guilt with joy and action would be a huge relief to you, body and soul.
  • You never have enough time/space/energy to create the way your heart calls
    Everything else seems to take over. You’re resentful of the things that interfere with your harping, casting a pall on your week and relationships.
  • You’ve been taking lessons for years but still can’t make it through a song
    You’d love to play a beautiful piece for yourself, your family and friends, yet you always sadly decline enthusiastic requests for a song. You feel you’re letting yourself down, despite your best intentions.
  • You’re a jaded professional harpist
    Your harp represents a cash register these days (ouch!) You’ve lost touch with your grand passion. Harp life feels like a hassle: gig to gig, concert to concert, no meaning. Creativity has taken a back seat, learning new songs is a chore, your repertoire is old hat to you. Secretly you hope the flame can return, but you’re worried it’s dead forever. Perhaps you’ve even been secretly eyeing medical school (you’re not alone!)
  • Your harp teaching has stagnated
    Teaching has become a bore. Your students aren’t practicing or making progress the way you hope. Your teaching approach feels scattered and draining. You long for a more effective teaching method, but you haven’t found one yet that reflects your deepest values.
  • Your heart connection to the harp has faded
    Once the harp was your trusted companion. When exactly the magic faded, you don’t remember, but now it’s a distant memory. Will that sparkle ever return? Your heart leaps at the thought of the passion reigniting, but you’re afraid it’s gone.
  • Perhaps most heartbreaking, you secretly fear you aren’t enough [talented/smart/ trained/insert-personal-pet-fear (we all have one!)]
    Are you cut out for harp in the first place?

“Thanks to Bright Knowledge System, my practice attitude and approach is improving by leaps and bounds!”

United Kingdom

“This is exactly what I needed to get me back on track.

Hawaii, USA

“I now have a direction, and my frustration level has dropped so that I actually practice. I am very grateful.”

California, USA

No matter how many of the above scary obstacles are true for you right now, ALL of them can be left behind forever!

All of them.

How do I know this?
These obstacles may seem different, but they’re actually deeply connected. They stem from the same root problem.

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I’ve taught music for 24+ years to many hundreds of students worldwide, across multiple genres, levels, and ages.

Here's what I've found… the problem usually boils down to just ONE missing thing.

This may sound ridiculously simple, and for a long time I didn’t believe it 100% myself.

What’s that one missing thing?


Working and playing in the music world for decades, to my growing dismay I realized that most harpists don't follow any kind of system.

Instead, they flounder around, wrestling piles of books and materials, going in a hundred directions. This is unthinkable in most other learning fields. Sadly, it’s a recipe for zero progress.

Imagine going to school with

  • no clear path to success,
  • no goals to aim for,
  • no community,
  • no knowledge of what works and what doesn’t!

Would it be possible to gain any momentum, or even know what step to take in the next 5 minutes?

I know many harpists care deeply about their art. It hurts them to be stuck like this.

Many harpists bravely attempt to reinvent the wheel – draining their precious time, energy, and money, amassing trainings, books, workshops, handouts and analysis paralysis along the way – when in fact a simple solution exists.

Gaining a Master’s Degree in classical Piano Performance, a PhD in Music Theory (World Harp Techniques), plus performing worldwide with musicians from dozens of backgrounds gave me unique 1st-hand experience with many learning and teaching systems. What I learned is: SYSTEMS REDUCE COMPLEXITY TO SIMPLICITY

I resisted sharing this discovery publicly for a long time. Would it turn people off to learning harp? Are systems a bore and inspiration-killer?? No and nope!

No system = derailment of your dreams, dimming your motivation and crushing your results. Hard to imagine anything more ultra-boring and inspiration-killing, really.

I knew it was finally time to share.

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How was the Bright Knowledge System created?

Founder Dr. Diana Rowan says:

Some of you may know my extreme struggle with performance anxiety. I knew from the age of 8 that I would be a professional musician, but was haunted every single day by severe performance anxiety. The fear even drove me to abandon music for 4 long years.

No one could help me, and I had no idea why I was so terrified of performing, even though I loved music so much.

Towards the end of my 4-year absence from music, the pain of a music-less life was unbearable. I started cautiously clawing my way back. It was a long journey, with many twists and turns. But I’m here to tell you it can be done! I now perform and teach all over the world.

You don’t need to spend decades looking for solutions like I did. BKS is the result of this blood, sweat and tears journey, and I’m here to share it with you.

What I got from this arduous journey is that most musicians learn in a very haphazard way. Since they don’t learn solidly and joyfully, their playing is disappointing to them, and performing is a nightmare.

BKS teaches you how to truly learn and perform solidly. It puts you in the driver seat of your Harp Vision. It gives you the tools you need to play and perform with confidence.

Student A.B. from Oregon once told me "BKS is a system of engaging heart mind body and soul in a relationship with the harp.​"

As with all effective systems, BKS is simple, yet also very specific. The 5 Steps must be followed sequentially and using the tools we teach so that they work.

How do I know BKS works? I’ve used it myself to massive effect, and have taught hundreds of harpists how to get amazing results from BKS. Join us to see for yourself!

The bright knowledge system

The Bright Knowledge System was built by harpists, for harpists, from the ground up.

When I committed to using BKS with my students 100%, I was astounded at the results:

  • Blasting through goals years early

When I first started Bright Knowledge System, I wrote down my harp dreams. I remember not really believing that I could get there. Wow, now I'm doing them and I'm loving it!

Quebec, Canada
  • Mind-bending breakthroughs on a regular basis, especially in super-tough areas like performance anxiety and memorization

I cannot believe the difference BKS has made. It has taken something that just felt so negative, energy-sapping and overwhelming and turned it into something that feels so much more positive and invigorating. I have suffered for so long with crippling stage fright but I really feel like this shift has helped me start a new chapter."

United Kingdom

."I used to get so frustrated and struggled with whole pieces for so long, but now I can read through a piece easily."

California, USA

“I am able to memorize more quickly!"

Florida, USA

Being able to memorize has given me new confidence and possibilities to consider."

Michigan, USA
  • Playing with grace, ease and joy

"New breakthrough this morning! I have been working on a piece for over a year, never liking what I heard, until this morning. FINALLY I got the intro to sound perfect. Onward to the rest of the piece!"

Missouri, USA
  • Enjoying massive practice progress + finally feeling like a “real” harpist

BKS has brought me to focus on what it is I really want from my harping. I am, for the first time, learning how to actually practice instead of flailing and feeling like I was not progressing. It has also gotten me past the "fraud feelings" and I now tell people that I am a harpist, not "just a harp student". And, it doesn't make me panic to think that someone may actually hear me play!

Texas, USA
  • Feeling more connected to their harps than ever

Aligning with my harp following BKS is affecting every aspect of my life. I have my true love of my harp back, and my true love of me with my harp. My friends say I am more alive, confident. Oh my!!

Oregon, USA
  • Looking forward to your practice and doing it!

I have had great results with BKS, not just with my harping, but in my life in general. It's been a subtle (and not so subtle) improvement in the quality of my daily life. I actually look forward to "practicing" or playing in general. It also feels so much more rewarding and peaceful!

North Carolina, USA
  • Leaving behind of old habits, stories and fears that have been holding you back

Paying attention to my energy made me realize I was in a non-sensical loop of "saving my practice until later,” thinking that by doing so I was proactively removing distractions and preventing anxiety. But what I was ACTUALLY doing was blowing all my best energy on tasks that aren't really that important or intellectually demanding. This has been a breakthrough for me! 

Washington, USA
  • Even dreaming bigger!

I staggered around in the dark, not just for a few months or years, but for decades. Thanks to BKS now I have a bouquet of visions, goals, ideas, stories, suggestions, inspirations, practice plans, tips and solid harp technique. I had harp teachers who were great harpists, yet there was not a holistic, free-flowing, inspiring system that delved into and touched my Harp Heart. BKS truly cast a spell that once again awakened my beginner’s innocent divine dreams of harp playing.

Hawaii, USA
  • And the beauty is, doing all this while also saving time and energy

What will I learn at bkhc?

You’ll master the 2 Milestones of the Bright Knowledge System:


The 5-Step System that guarantees you’ll achieve your real harp goals faster and easier


The 5 Essential Elements of masterful daily practice

Yes, BKS is this streamlined!

BKS is NOT an access-my-entire-library or collection of fascinating-yet-random techniques and blogs. Neither of those bring long-lasting results.

Instead, BKS is a laser-focused system you’ll lifelong learning, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. That’s the power of a true system.

(Speaking of laser-focus, “Bright Knowledge” comes from the ancient Gaelic phrase “imbas forosnai,” meaning “Instant Illumination.” At BKHC we believe in hard work, yet we ALSO believe you can access massive wisdom and results rapidly with the right process. BKS = “Instant Illumination”)

I have become much more focused in everything harp related. I am much more organized and goal-oriented during practice times. I am more intentional about which harp playing opportunities I accept. I have a clearer concept of where I want to go with the harp. I have undergone a mental shift so that the harp is central and important in my life and worthy of receiving the best of my time and efforts, as opposed to letting the urgent things in life (rather than the important) take over.

California, USA

How does BKS work?

Quick preview of the 5 BKS Steps you’ll be mastering:

  1. Define your Purpose

    The core of our BKS work, we start here. Most harpists start later on the path, making goals and practice plans without knowing their true Purpose. This means they’re building on shaky ground, and most likely other peoples’ agendas, and just doesn’t work long-term. It’s setting the cart before the horse.
    At BKS we identify your true Purpose so that you can finally build a harp system that really serves your vision.

  2. Set your Goals

    Most people set Goals from a place of cold, hard facts (“learn piece X by Y date.”) This has a very low rate of success.
    At BKS we set Goals based on your Purpose: your deepest values and feelings. These are Goals worth working for, and dramatically increase your progress and motivation.

  3. Create your Practice Plan(s)

    Did you know you need a completely different approach between Mastery Practice Plans and Performance Practice Plans? Most harpists don’t know the difference, and set themselves up for disappointing results in both learning and performing harp.
    At BKS, we’ll show you the crucial differences between these Plans, plus how to build solid individual Practice Plans for your harping life.

  4. Integration

    Integration time is when we get to be our own best teacher, and figure out what’s working and what isn’t. Integration pulls together everything you’ve learned in Steps 1-3 and puts them into ACTION.

  5. Fulfillment

    In our world, we often don’t celebrate our successes enough. This leads to a constant sense of driving forward, leading to burnout.
    At BKS we know how to step back and feed your progress with gratitude and celebration. This solidifies your learning and fires your motivation. You’ll enjoy your harping on a whole new level!

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And what about the 5 Essential Elements?

The 5 Essential Elements are essential for your daily practice.

Unlike the 5 Steps, the Essential Elements aren’t sequential, they’re simultaneous.

So, they happen at every practice session.

This is a critical point, and something most harpists, from beginner to pro, miss out on.

When practice has stalled, usually one or more of the 5 Essential Elements are missing:

  • Artistry (what it really takes to play with expression)
  • Technique (how to build a technique practice that works for you)
  • Learning (the practical tools you need to master harp, from beginner to pro)
  • Inspiration (how to keep the flame alive forever)
  • Community (accelerate your learning, get support for rough patches, and feel the satisfaction of being part of something great)

At BKS you’ll master the most important aspects of each Essential Element. Your practice will transform from drab to ultra-productive, fun and motivating.

BKS is a gentle, thoughtful approach to inviting you to participate fully in your music. 

California, USA

The Bright Knowledge System (BKS) is taught through the Bright Knowledge Harp Circle membership program (BKHC):​

BKHC is an online harp learning system and community

This streamlined system works seamlessly:

  • with your current teacher
  • if you’re self-taught
  • even if you’re a professional full-time harpist

Learn on your own schedule, wherever you are in the world – no more travel or scheduling hassles

I learn something new every day. I love hearing from you the perspectives, the shares, the joys, and the challenges! Together we celebrate it all and each other!

Arizona, USA

BKS is an evergreen system that supports your lifelong learning and mastery

BKHC’s private, confidential community led by Dr. Diana Rowan is your learning laboratory, sanctuary, and biggest fan club. We have a dedicated Community Manager to make sure you’re getting the most from BKHC. BKHC’s community is exceptionally action-focused and lively - get access to powerful insider knowledge.

Staying on course" used to mean drudgery, very little reward and quite a bit of anxiety and self-doubt. I used to dread making a "mistake" at my harp. With BKS, I have permission to explore, experiment and decide for myself what kinds of music I love and want to play. BKS also offers special fellowship with like-minded harpists, bringing encouragement, inspiration, and solidarity. BKS has made a world of difference, and is a priceless gift to me as I travel my harp journey.

California, USA

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Q: “Can you give more detail on how BKHC is delivered?”

A: Yes, let’s get down to details!

  • BKHC focuses on 1 monthly theme (1 of the 5 Success Path Steps + 1 of the 5 Essential Elements of masterful practice.) We laser-focus because then you’ll master BKS confidently and forever, and you won’t be left behind.
  • Trainings arrive weekly in 3 formats: video/audio/PDF. We offer 3 formats to suit your individual learning styles. Multiple formats let you use all your various devices and even print out materials, plus learn on the go – seriously, we’ve got you covered!
  • Trainings are 15-30 minutes. Long, rambling trainings = disrespecting your time. Instead, we go short & sweet. You’ll also have time to integrate, without falling behind and getting stressed. We’re all about ease at BKHC!
  • Monthly Live Q&A session with Dr. Diana Rowan and the BKHC community, laser-focused on the monthly Step and Essential Element. Q&As are mid-month: share your successes and struggles to stay on track. We run a very tight ship during the Live Q&As: these sessions are massively effective.
  • Secret Facebook Group (not findable under any search) with your fellow BKHC harpists, moderated by professional Community Manager and pro harpist Jillian LaDage plus Dr. Diana. Keeps you engaged, inspired and accountable every step of the way – this in itself is hugely valuable.

BKS is an inspirational, focused and practical system that seeks to support harpists at whatever level, as well as through building community.

New Zealand

BKS is a learning system like no other; combining all the elements of what makes harp playing magical, fun, and exciting! I don't feel like that statement did it justice, since it's actually been life-changing for me!

North Carolina, USA

Who is BKHC for?

BKHC is for harpists of all levels and genres who want to:

  • Learn a simple, powerful, proven system for real progress, inspiration and support
  • Without spending tons of extra time and money

Who is BKHC not for?

BKHC is not for brand-new harpists who don’t have a 1-1 teacher yet. BKHC requires you have some harp background. If you have zero harp experience, we recommend you start with a 1-1 teacher in addition to BKHC. You’ll be sitting pretty with this ideal combo!

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What is the price of BKHC?

BKHC is only $45/month, or $450/year (meaning you get 2 months free!) Our mission at BKHC is to empower harpists worldwide, increasing harp playing and teaching standards. A mighty mission! So we make our tuition very accessible.

Once you’ve joined BKHC, your tuition rate holds for as long as you are a member. While the tuition rate increases for new students, you’ll get to stay at your original rate!

When does BKHC registration open?

BKHC registration only opens 2X/year, in January and July, with this one exception for Folk Harp Journal readers right now May 12-22, 2017. Registration is officially closed for all but 2 weeks of the year because we focus fully on our BKHC members and their journey. We don't want to be distracted by latecomers! Our goal is for you to get results: we commit to you.

When does BKHC start?

BKHC starts on July 15, 2017. On that date, the BKHC materials become available to you. See Can you give more detail on how BKHC is delivered? for the monthly format. Each new monthly theme starts on the 15th. For example, BKHC Month 2 material is released on August 15. All previous material remains available to you for review and catch-up.


The BKS system has proven to work dramatically for harpists from all walks of life, playing all sorts of harps, at many levels, all over the world. This is because BKS’s core principles are based on real-world research and experience by professional harpists, teachers and students. BKS is about working smarter, not harder, a huge reason it works so well.

I’ve seen harpists stagnate for literally decades, only to turn things around rapidly using BKS. Since we know there’s a solution, I can’t bear to see any more harpists suffering in a world of infinite harp choice but no artistic satisfaction!

For all these reasons and more, we pledge you a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t see results after 2 months of following BKS, completing all assignments, and attending/listening to the Q&A sessions, we’ll promptly issue you a full refund.

BKHC must work for you, otherwise we won’t accept your money!

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We look forward to walking this path with you, and to lighting up your harp world!

All the best, dear harpist,

Dr. Diana Rowan

Bright Knowledge Academy

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“Will this take a lot of time out of my already busy week?”

"What kind of time commitment is BKHC per month exactly?"

“How should I fit BKHC into my schedule?”

“How long does BKHC last?”

“Is BKHC completely online or do I attend in-person events as well?”

“I’m a harp teacher – will BKHC be valuable to me?”

“I already have a harp teacher – does BKHC replace my teacher?”

“I’m a total beginner at the harp – is BKHC too advanced for me?”

“I’m already a professional harpist – will BKHC provide anything more than what I already know?”

“How is BKHC different from Virtual Harp Summit? I understand they’re both Bright Knowledge Academy programs…”