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Ignite your Inspiration - and follow through on it!

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What's the most important thing in your harping? Inspiration!

You don't get stuck by technical, performance anxiety or motivation problems - the usual suspects -
You get stuck because of lack of Inspiration!
A bold statement, so let me explain:

When you're Inspired, you can handle all challenges.

Without Inspiration, working on technique becomes a chore 
...leading to slow progress, or worse, quitting in frustration.

Without Inspiration, sustainable motivation is impossible.
Forcing yourself with rules and threats works temporarily. 
But this backfires when the joy disappears from your harping.

Without Inspiration, performing can be terrifying.
I've been there and am here to tell you there's a brighter way!

Inspiration is the heart of your harping, and best of all: it's already inside you.
The secret of many great artists? 
They've mastered Inspiration.
Don't wait, hoping to be randomly struck by Inspiration - Ignite your Inspiration!

Bright Knowledge Harp Circle is here to help you:

Our members say it best: what results can you achieve in our Circle?

Emma shares how our Circle keeps her inspired as a full time harpist. Performing and teaching are demanding professions, and the Circle helps you stay in touch with your passion!

Dance teacher Susan shares how our Circle inspires her to connect to her deepest reasons for making music, enabling her to perform with joy and confidence.

Lisa shares how our Circle helped her start practicing again and gain confidence in performance:
“I played at church this Christmas. I made a few mistakes and was a bit nervous but felt a million times better than I have felt before.”

Nichola shares how finding her Harp Purpose now gives her a clear way forward in her creativity for life.
“I want to share with you my harp excitement; today I played harp for my first yoga class. It went really well, with very little nerves. It’s been amazing having the community of you all along this journey. Thank you!”

Glenda shares how our Circle reconnected her to her harping inspiration, ended her isolation, and eased her lifelong performance anxiety.

Margie shares how our Circle re-motivated her to practice and create, plus accelerated her learning!

Vocalist and polymath Bonnie shares how our Circle gives her confidence and immediate feedback, speeding up both her learning and creative processes. 
"It’s done wonders for my journey."

Storyteller Esme shares how our Circle has decreased her performance anxiety and helped her find her true Purpose in harping, leading to even greater creativity.
"For the first time I can remember, I was really present, my hands weren't shaking or my voice strangled. It came out with magic. This was a complete breakthrough for me, because performance anxiety is my biggest challenge."

Can Inspiration really be taught? Yes!

You are your own best teacher.
Others offer you information, inspiration, and encouragement; these are essential.

Ultimately it's YOU who integrates all.

A major stumbling block for harpists is not knowing how to learn.
In our Circle you'll master your unique learning style, the only one that truly works for you!

You'll learn the System for how to learn, key to mastery for all levels and genres
► How to make this System applicable for life, growing with you forever

"I feel BKS is a deep well from which to draw and go ever deeper over time." Chris P., Georgia USA

Bright Knowledge System (BKS) is taught via Bright Knowledge Harp Circle (BKHC) membership program:
► Learn on your own schedule, wherever you are in the world
► BKS works with your current teacher, if you’re self-taught, and even if you’re a pro harpist

"Hands down the part I like best about BKHC is being able to proceed at my own pace without pressure from others. With my current medical concerns, I'm afraid strict deadlines might have forced me to drop out. I love the informative lessons, the community of harpists that are so willing to share their knowledge and music, and the inspiration and encouragement I feel as I move through the Circle. I also appreciate being able to print out the topics so I can review them as needed. The course is very well organized and the team is also responsive to questions and concerns."
Marti R., Colorado USA

BKHC format:
► 1 monthly Step + Essential Element is taught
► Short trainings totaling 30 mins/month via video + audio + PDF to suit all learning styles

► Monthly Live Q&A: Dr. Diana & BKHC Community workshop in real time (recording available after)
► Dynamic Private Group run by Dr. Diana with keen participation from members: keeping you engaged, inspired, accountable, seen and supported every day

"I happened to look at back at the intro I wrote when I first joined BKHC. This was my reason for signing up: "I want to reconnect with my harp. Learn music more easily & quickly. Renew inspiration to play." At the time I wasn't sure any of that was possible. Now here I am in Spiral 4 and I'm amazed how far I've come on this journey. I've exceeded my original intentions and I did not get here by doing everything or doing things perfectly.”
Lori F., Colorado USA

What you'll gain in our Circle


It's hard to know what really works to increase your skill, especially as you advance. Whether you're a beginner, a harp teacher, or professional performer, our System teaches you:
• how to memorize for good
• how to play expressively
• how to integrate theory and technique into your playing
• how to organize your daily plus long-term practice
• how to finally manage performance anxiety!
Move beyond mere information: build your real-life skill and artistry.

“Inspiration, motivation, support, safety, harmony, truth, fun and a sense that everything comes from a place that is exquisitely genuine!” Kim R., Canada


Admittedly there are many obstacles that can prevent us from reaching our potential as harpists. We help you over these obstacles so that you continually increase your playing skills, confidence and inspiration.

"Community, support, insight, courage and belief." Emma G., England


Connect confidentially with other kindred-spirit harpists worldwide. You’ll find harpists of all levels and genres eager to help you along your harp journey. Our dynamic culture of trust and learning has been carefully cultivated and is 100% private. In our Circle, we honor you as a whole harpist: artistically, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Note: we're only accepting 20 new members this cycle so that we can continue to provide intent focus on each member.

"It is somehow reassuring that so many others in BKHC - many at a much higher performance level than mine - are asking the same questions in the group." Kate S., Arizona USA


For all harpists, burnout is a big hazard. Our System shows you how to rediscover your true harp Inspiration, reconnecting you to the very deepest reasons you play. This is the heart of real motivation.

“Thank you Diana and BKHC for giving me inspiration - I’m sure I just wouldn’t have found other ways to enhance my harping without you.” Lynn G., Scotland

What else do Circle Members say?

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I find the trainings beautifully organized and to the point. What fascinates me is the way that almost all of the questions that are asked can be answered within the context of the 5 Steps and 5 Essential Elements of BKS. While I embrace a certain artistic temperament, I still like to have tables, charts, and circles (in particular!) in which to organize information."

Margie B., Vermont USA
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I have a habit of signing up for something, then regretting it, or not using it, but still getting charged forever. With BKHC, I have gotten way more than I ever imagined. I have improved skills, gotten more disciplined about practice, reached goals instead of reaching for goals." 

- Janet D., Florida USA
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Results have been phenomenal. I have been motivated to daily practice, which in turn has given me confidence. My husband and daughters just say "WOW"! Nothing compares to what you get from BKHC."

Sally C., Wisconsin, USA


"-Professional development in a broad range of musical skills with a harp focus.
-A greater focus on goals in teaching, performing and community work.
-Consolidation of harp resources including music and harps.
-Harp friends worldwide."

Helen M., Australia

Preview: the Method behind the Magic

1. Your Inspiration: Find Your Purpose

This is most important thing you’ll ever do in your harping! Your true Inspiration - your Purpose - awaits inside you. It is the foundation for your entire harp journey.
Also: Overview of the 5 Essential Elements of Daily Practice.

3a. Your Practice Plan for Mastery

Create your personal Practice Plan for Mastery (how to really learn songs and master our beautiful instrument.)

Byword for this Step: precision.

Element: Artistry (how to consistently play with expression)

4. Integration Time

This Step is where you practice being your best teacher. Identify your unique learning style for maximum progress, expression, and joy. Find out what works and keep it. Find out what doesn't and fix it or let it go with respect.
Element: Inspiration (keeping the flame alive)

2. Set Your Intentions

Goals have a way of backfiring. Instead, we set Intentions that are 100% in alignment with your Purpose. These finally stick because they have so much personal meaning to you. Why? They reflect your deepest desires and values!
Element: Learning (how to truly learn)

3b. Your Practice Plan for Performance

Create your Practice Plan for Performing with joy, confidence, and flair. In many ways, Performance practice is opposite to Mastery practice; it’s crucial to know the difference.

Byword for this Step: flow!
Element: Technique (the physicality of playing)

5. Fulfillment: Celebrate Yourself!

In this Step, you'll solidify your motivation, confidence, and resilience for the long term. Welcome home to your true harp self. We celebrate you and how far you've come!
Element: Community (the sacred cycle of giving and receiving)

Harp Circle Modules

The 6 foundational modules teach you how to learn better and reclaim joy in all your harping, step by step:
1. Define Your Purpose

The most important thing you’ll ever do in your harping; find out what your true Purpose is. This is the foundation and inspiration for everything to come.

2. Set Up Your Harp Goals

Identify your goals so they are 100% in alignment with your Purpose. Accelerate and deepen your learning.

3. Practice Plan: Mastery

Create your custom Practice Plan focused on Mastery, supporting what you truly want to achieve on your harping journey.

4. Practice Plan: Performance

Create your Practice Plan for Performing with joy, confidence and flair. In many ways, Performance practice is opposite to Mastery practice, so it’s critical to have 2 practice plans (not knowing this is often a major stumbling block for harpists.)

5. Integration

Identify your true learning style is for maximum progress, expression, and joy - this Step is where you learn to be your best teacher for life!

6. Fulfillment

Celebrate yourself so that you build motivation, confidence, resilience, and inspiration for the long run. Welcome to your true harpist self!

​Your ​Guide: Dr. Diana Rowan

Irish-born Diana Rowan began her musical career at age 8, first with piano and then harp. Although she performed worldwide, she suffered crippling performance anxiety, causing her to quit music - the heart of her creative life - for years.

Struggling to reclaim her musical voice began an epic journey, with many twists and turns, leading her to create the Bright Way System. BKS is fueled by what really powers motivation and progress: Inspiration. 

This means staying in touch every day with your deepest reasons for making art; using joy (not fear/force) to skill build; sharing your art with heartfelt courage; and cultivating community to add meaning to and accelerate all you do.

While it may seem some are "gifted," effortlessly tapping into these powerful "talents," in fact all these qualities can be deliberately cultivated.
This message of freedom and growth powers everything Diana shares.

Diana holds a PhD in Music Theory (world harp composition techniques),
plus a Master of Music (classical Piano Performance.)
Her upcoming book, The Bright Way, releases March2, 2020
by New World Library.
Diana appears on many recordings, composes, teaches, writes, performs
and researches constantly.
Travel, beloved friends, pinot noir and dark chocolate are high
on her personal Inspiration list. Diana lives in Berkeley, California,
home of the Free Speech Movement and its own element, berkelium.

About The Instructor: Dr. Diana Rowan

Diana Rowan began her musical career at age 8, first with piano and then harp. While she has performed on 6 different continents, she suffered crippling performance anxiety, causing her to give up music, the heart of her creative life, for many years.  This began an epic journey that led her to develop the Bright Way System, a 5-step program fueled by what universally powers motivation, progress and creativity: staying in touch with one’s deepest reasons for making art; using joy to build skills; learning to share with courage; and cultivating community to add meaning and acceleration to all you do.

Diana Rowan holds a PhD in Music Theory (world harp composition techniques), plus an MM in classical Piano Performance. The Bright Knowledge Guild is The Online Guild for Creatives.

Dr. Diana Rowan

Is ​Our Circle Right For You?

Ideally, we would love everyone join us. However, please check below to see if this program is a good fit for you:


  • Harpists of all levels and genres 
  • Harpists who want to learn the proven System for practice progress, performance confidence and sustainable creativity, with engagement in a true Community


  • Brand new harpists who don't currently have a teacher. We  want you to have healthy technique from the start. Injuries happen without proper technique, so the initial input of a skilled technique instructor is crucial. If you're a beginning harpist and already have a teacher, we welcome you to our Circle!

You'll also get these special bonuses:

In addition to our trainings and Live Q&As, we're including these bonuses when you sign up (we only open 2X per year)

Access to our Secret Facebook Group

You are not alone on your journey. Our trusted, dynamic community of harpists understands. We are generous and kind in sharing our experiences with each other. This is a safe space. Bring your comments, questions, and experiences to our Group and benefit from the wealth of knowledge, experience, feedback, insight, and support we offer daily.

"Encouragement, learning, discovering, acceptance, healing.” Judy H., California USA


Dr. Diana
1-1 Conversation with Dr. Diana

While we have a wonderful community of harpists who are glad to help you, sometimes you want to talk directly with the guide. This is your chance to have a private conversation with Dr. Diana herself so she can answer any questions you might have or get you over those tough hurdles in your way.

"I very much appreciate Diana’s sharing about personal processes and how that has resulted in BKHC’s approaches to overcoming obstacles to learning and performing." Teresa U., California USA


CEUs (continuing education units) 

Yes, membership in our Circle grants you CEUs for the leading healing harp organizations! Please contact Jocelyn jocelynobe@hotmail.com for details. Benefit from all Circle teachings and our powerful Community, plus care of your CEUs, all at once!


​Answers to some frequently asked questions:

​(email us at diana@dianarowan.com if your question isn't answered below!)

When does Bright Knowledge Harp Circle (BKHC) Start?

How long does BKHC last?

Is BKHC completely online?

Will this take a lot of time out of my week?

How can I fit BKHC into my busy schedule?

I'm a total beginner at the harp. Is BKHC too advanced for me?

I already have a harp teacher. Does BKHC replace my teacher?

I'm a harp teacher. Will BKHC be valuable to me?

I’m a professional harpist. Will BKHC be valuable to me?

How is BKHC different from Virtual Harp Summit?

Breakthroughs you can expect as a Circle member:

“Here is my experience this afternoon when performing: I had a bit of nerves at the beginning and kept reminding myself of my Purpose in my mind and...it was wonderful! I felt so good that I stopped by a retirement residence I wanted to visit and played for them as well. They loved it and asked me back! Self-trust, working on it, yes, pure love and divine energy!”  Helene D., Canada

"I wasn't sure if it would be worth the time, effort, and money.  I thought about it the first round and decided against it - after all, there are thousands of online training programs - but by the time the second round came around, I knew I needed a shot in the arm with harp and also my other endeavors. I had had more experience with Diana as a teacher/online mentor, and felt that the value would be there. But honestly, the fact that Diana said it would apply to other areas of life was probably what pushed me to take the plunge.
I have resumed regular practice and clarified my sense of Purpose. Practice is more focused and purposeful and as a result I'm a better player, and definitely am going somewhere with my playing itself."  Kristen R., Utah, USA

"I was concerned whether the program a good fit for me. It was difficult to envision what is "included/offered" because BKHC is more abstract than say a 6-week course on learning to count.  Also, could I be disciplined enough for self-paced? Of course, cost is always a consideration, but when considered as an investment in me it really is minimal.
My results have included building courage to reach beyond my greatest fears. I’m putting the focus on my purpose and able to make guilt-free decisions that are in keeping with it. I’m looking at music from a different point of view. Not just dots on a page to be played. I love, love, love the community, discussions and sharing of information, plus being able to put the learning process in order. BKHC provides direction, encouragement and a solid foundation to build upon."
  Karen T., Michigan, USA

Regain your Inspiration - join our Circle!