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Bright Knowledge Harp Circle

Your Path to Heartfelt Practice & Performance

Master the secrets to becoming your best teacher

When you first started harping, remember how fun and exciting everything felt? Sheer joy, sitting at your harp, reveling in beautiful moments. Rich with potential, meaning, spirit, innocence. A wide-open feeling of deep connection and rightness. 

Yet time went on and practice became routine, disconnected, even boring. Something to resent or secretly avoid. And the joy, where did it go? Mysteriously dried up, replaced by guilt, jitters, jadedness, the feeling that nothing is good enough...

You're not alone in these problems. We've ALL experienced them, sometimes for years on end.

I'm here to tell you - having mastered the same struggles as you - you can move past what feel like impossible obstacles right now. You can relish practicing and performing again, and much better than ever. I've seen this happen time and time again for harpists like you, and have lived it myself. 

It’s not too late to regain your joy and motivation, whether you're a beginner or a pro. What's needed for this transformation? 2 things:

The learning System for being your best teacher + caring Community to support you. 

Bright Knowledge Harp Circle gives you both!

What results do you achieve in our Circle?

Glenda shares how our Circle reconnected to her harping, ended her isolation, and has eased her lifelong performance anxiety.

Margie shares how our Circle re-motivated her to practice and create again, plus accelerated her learning.

Bonnie shares how our Circle give her confidence and immediate feedback, speeding up both her learning and creative process.here...

Esme shares how our Circle has eased her performance anxiety and helped her find her true Purpose in harping, spiraling out into ever greater creativity.


The effectiveness of Bright Knowledge System (BKS) comes from real-world experience: decades of harp teaching, performing, and ongoing research.


The System teaches you how to learn (the key to mastery), for all levels and genres
► It's a System applicable for life, deepening with you forever
► Learn to be your own best teacher by identifying and capitalizing on your unique learning style


Bright Knowledge System (BKS) is taught via the Bright Knowledge Harp Circle (BKHC) membership program:

► Learn on your own schedule, wherever you are in the world
► BKS works with your current teacher, if you’re self-taught, and even if you’re a pro harpist

BKHC format:

► 1 monthly Step + Element
► Short trainings released 3X month (​in video + audio + PDF for all learning styles)

► Total training time/month = 30 minutes (on-point and powerful)
► Monthly Live Q&A with Dr. Diana and the BKHC Community
► Interactive Private Group run by Dr. Diana: keep engaged, inspired, and accountable

What​ You'll Gain in Our Circle


Whether you're a beginner, a harp teacher, or professional performer, our System teaches you how to memorize, play with artistry, integrate theory and technique into your playing, organize both your daily and long-term practice, and manage performance anxiety for good! Move beyond mere information: build true skill and artistry for life.


Admittedly there are many obstacles out there that may prevent us from reaching our full expression as harpists. We get you over these obstacles so you continually grow your playing skills, confidence and inspiration.


Connect confidentially with other kindred-spirit harpists worldwide. You’ll find harpists of all levels and genres eager to help you along your harp journey. Our dynamic culture of trust and learning has been carefully cultivated and is 100% private. In our Circle, we see you as a whole harpist: artistically, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. 


For ​all harpists, burnout ​is a huge problem. Th​e System ​shows you how to rediscover your ​true harp Purpose​​, reconnecting you to the very deepest reasons you play. This is what ​fosters real inspiration and ongoing motivation.

What ​do Circle members say​?

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I find the trainings beautifully organized and to the point. What fascinates me is the way that almost all of the questions that are asked can be answered within the context of the 5 Steps and 5 Essential Elements of BKS. While I embrace a certain artistic temperament, I still like to have tables, charts, and circles (in particular!) in which to organize information."

- Margie B.
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I have a habit of signing up for something, then regretting it, or not using it, but still getting charged forever. With BKHC, I have gotten way more than I ever imagined. I have improved skills, gotten more disciplined about practice, reached goals instead of reaching for goals." 

- Janet D.
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Results have been phenomenal. I have been motivated to daily practice, which in turn has given me confidence. My husband and daughters just say "WOW"! Nothing compares to what you get from BKHC."

- Sally C.

​​Preview: the Steps ​​you'll master

1. Find Your Purpose

This is most important thing you’ll ever do in your harping! Your true Purpose awaits inside you. It is the foundation and inspiration for your entire harp journey.

Also: Overview of the 5 Essential Elements of Daily Practice.

3a. Your Practice Plan for Mastery

Create your personal Practice Plan for Mastery (how to truly learn songs and master our beautiful instrument.)

Byword for this Step: precision.

Complementary Element: Artistry (how to ​consistently play with expression.)

4. Integration Time

Identify your ​unique learning style​ for maximum progress, expression, and joy. This Step is where you learn to be your own best teacher, for life.

​​Complementary Element: Inspiration (how to keep the flame alive.)

2. Set meaningful Goals

Set Goals that are 100% in alignment with your Purpose. Your new Goals finally stick because they reflect your deepest desires and values.

Complementary Element: Learning (how to truly learn.)

3b. Your Practice Plan for Performance

Create your Practice Plan for Performing with joy, confidence, and flair. In many ways, Performance practice ​looks opposite to Mastery practice​, so it’s crucial to ​know the difference.

Byword: flow!

​​Complementary Element: Technique (the physicality of playing.)

5. Fulfillment: celebrate yourself!

In this Step, you'll build motivation, confidence, resilience, and inspiration for the long term. Welcome home to your true harp self. We celebrate you!

​​Complementary Element: Community (​​the sacred cycle of giving and receiving.)

Harp Circle Modules

The 6 foundational modules teach you how to learn better and reclaim joy in all your harping, step by step:
1. Define Your Purpose

The most important thing you’ll ever do in your harping; find out what your true Purpose is. This is the foundation and inspiration for everything to come.

2. Set Up Your Harp Goals

Identify your goals so they are 100% in alignment with your Purpose. Accelerate and deepen your learning.

3. Practice Plan: Mastery

Create your custom Practice Plan focused on Mastery, supporting what you truly want to achieve on your harping journey.

4. Practice Plan: Performance

Create your Practice Plan for Performing with joy, confidence and flair. In many ways, Performance practice is opposite to Mastery practice, so it’s critical to have 2 practice plans (not knowing this is often a major stumbling block for harpists.)

5. Integration

Identify your true learning style is for maximum progress, expression, and joy - this Step is where you learn to be your best teacher for life!

6. Fulfillment

Celebrate yourself so that you build motivation, confidence, resilience, and inspiration for the long run. Welcome to your true harpist self!

​Your ​Guide: Dr. Diana Rowan

Irish-born Diana Rowan began her musical career at age 8, first with piano 

and then harp. Although she performed worldwide, she suffered crippling

performance anxiety, causing her to give up 

music - the heart of her creative life - for years.  

Struggling to regain her musical life began an epic journey, leading her to 

develop the Bright Way System. Th 5-step BKS is fueled 

by what universally powers motivation, 

progress and creativity: staying in touch every day with one’s deepest

reasons for making art; using joy (not fear or force) to build skills;

learning to share your art with heartfelt courage; and cultivating

community to add meaning to and accelerate all you do.

Diana holds a PhD in Music Theory (world harp

composition techniques), plus a Master of Music

(classical Piano Performance.) She lives in Berkeley, California.

About The Instructor: Dr. Diana Rowan

Diana Rowan began her musical career at age 8, first with piano and then harp. While she has performed on 6 different continents, she suffered crippling performance anxiety, causing her to give up music, the heart of her creative life, for many years.  This began an epic journey that led her to develop the Bright Way System, a 5-step program fueled by what universally powers motivation, progress and creativity: staying in touch with one’s deepest reasons for making art; using joy to build skills; learning to share with courage; and cultivating community to add meaning and acceleration to all you do.

Diana Rowan holds a PhD in Music Theory (world harp composition techniques), plus an MM in classical Piano Performance. The Bright Knowledge Guild is The Online Guild for Creatives.

Dr. Diana Rowan

Is ​Our Circle Right For You?

Ideally, we would love everyone join us. However, please check below to see if this program is a good fit for you:


  • Harpists of all levels and genres 
  • Harpists who want to learn the proven System for real practice progress, performance confidence, and ongoing creativity and engage with true Community


  • Beginning harpists who don't currently have a teacher. We  want you to have healthy technique from the get-go, so the initial input of a teacher is crucial. If you're a beginning harpist and have a teacher, welcome to our Circle!

You'll Also Get Special Bonuses!

In addition to ​our ​trainings and Live Q&As, we're including these bonuses ​when you sign up for this limited-time o​​pening:

Access To Our ​Secret Facebook Group

You are not alone on your journey. Our trusted, dynamic community of harpists understands. We are generous and kind in sharing our experiences with each other. Share your comments, questions, and experiences with our Group and benefit from the wealth of knowledge, experience, feedback, insight, and support we offer each other daily.


Dr. Diana
1-1 Conversation With Dr. Diana

While we have a wonderful community of harpists who are glad to help you, sometimes you want to talk directly with the ​​guide. This is your chance to have a private conversation with Dr. Diana herself so she can answer any questions you might have or get you over those tough hurdles in your way.


​Answers to some frequently asked questions:

​(email us at diana@dianarowan.com if your question isn't answered below!)

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​Progress more & Perform with joy - we look forward to seeing you in our Circle!